Care Instructions

To ensure that your klizshop items last for as long as possible, please follow the following care instructions: 

Earrings and Rings:

  • Avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays,makeup, or any aerosol products. 
  • Store earrings/rings in dry areas, away from humidity and high temperatures. 
  • Avoid stacking earirngs/rings on top of each other and keep them away from sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. 
  • Although polymer clay is flexible and durable, avoid bending your earring/rings or dropping them. 
  • Remove earrings/rings when showering, washing your hands or going into the pool/water. 
  • In the case that your polymer clay earrings/rings become dirty, wipe with a soft, damp cloth or use a cotton ear swab dipped in acetone to lightly wipe the surface of the earrings. (DO NOT use acetone on earrings that are hand-painted, coated with resin or varnish. Instead, use a baby wipe to clean the surface or soft cloth). 
  • Earrings with brass components may tarnish over time. Bring them back to life with a jewelry cloth or a tarnish remover.

Jewelry Trays:

  • Do not submerge your jewelry trays in water or soap. A soft, damp cloth will do the trick at cleaning your tray. 
  • Store your trays out of direct sunlight. 
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays, makeup, harsh chemicals or aerosol products. 


  • Remove when showering or going into the pool. 
  • Be gentle when putting it on and taking it off.
  • Avoid making tight knots as it can be very difficult to undo and the string might weaken. 


  • In depth instructions of how to care for 14k gold filled necklaces 
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray, makeup, or any aerosol products.
  • Store in a safe, dry space where it will not tangle
  • Avoid extreme sweat, chlorine, and other out of the 'normal' day to day conditions 
  • Brass components made tarnish over time, bring them back to life with a jewelry cloth or a tarnish remover. 
  • After each wear, gently remove makeup and oils from your skin by wiping with a soft cloth.